About – Nickel City Wax and Wane


Nickel City Wax and Wane is a studio that asks you to create bravely, authentically, and without judgement. We support you to just be you; to bravely step outside of your comfort zone and say yes to exploring different materials, classes, styles, to stop overthinking and judging and just enjoy the process.

Hi! I'm Jenn. The owner of Nickel City Wax and Wane. I created this space out of my passion for inspiring others to finally believe they could be creative. In my profession, I hear phrases all the time like, “I can’t, I am not an artist” or “I have never been creative” or “I will just embarrass myself.” I have made it my mission to challenge these kinds of mindsets to at least try. I bring in teaching artists to provide a variety of creative classes and workshops that speak to many different people’s interests. I create classes and workshops to help foster exploration and pride.

I strive to create an environment that fosters following your gut instincts and we as the teachers are here as supporting roles in your creative journey. We take our lens away from your creativity and only seek to teach and guide based on helping you find the solutions to your problems, to present questions that will get you thinking about your work, and to ensure you feel confident in your WHY. We try to take this approach not only with the kids that come through our doors, but everyone. We help adults find the passion for exploring and creating they had as children and to follow their gut instincts without self-doubt and judgement looming overhead. I have supported artists with physical differences and developmental and intellectual disabilities for 18+ years now and try my hardest to create an environment where people of all abilities feel welcomed and that they have the support they need in their creation process. We are an art studio for everyone.