A Lil Nostalgia Never Killed Nobody – Nickel City Wax and Wane

A Lil Nostalgia Never Killed Nobody

   Have you ever heard a song from the past, like 20yrs ago past…wait am I dating myself?!! Well either way, you just stopped dead in your tracks to just relive that time in your life? I have been creating inventory like a mad woman the last couple of weeks for market season and I've been listening to this insanely rad 90’s grunge mix that I have been curating for about 10yrs now. And while listening, I was just being flooded with memories; some amazing, some good, and some not so awesome. It got me thinking about being a teenager and not really knowing what was coming for me and LOVING that. I wasn’t one of those kids that had an idea of what they wanted to be when they got older. I was the kid that embraced that anything and everything was possible and well let's just see what happens.

   I miss her sometimes. I miss those moments of being so excited for being able to choose my own adventure. But then I remember that I am in a season of life again where that is possible, so I don’t get too nostalgic. I had a pretty wild ride over these last couple of decades and wouldn’t change a lot about it because it led me to some of the most incredible friendships and experiences that I may never have experienced if I was too busy trying to have a plan and stick to it. But on the flip side of that… I wish I had known that knowing my worth was everything and the key to not only taking charge of my life but keeping charge of it. There have definitely been times in my life where I was giving way too much of myself and wandering around lost. I could sit here and be bummed and say I ended up wasting precious time on the wrong people, the wrong experiences, but that wouldn’t change anything. That was my path and choices I made for the time, and I have to accept them and know that yes, I may be just about 40 and feeling like I am finally hitting my stride but I’m hitting it. I am so stoked for where I am, where I am going and so thankful for all the people, I have met along the way who have been so supportive, fun, freeing, strong, passionate, creative, and so much more. I am thankful for the people who have drained me, pained me, taken too much of me because it all has taught me something I needed to learn to grow and keep going.

    I am so stoked for this new adventure and being able to have a great community of people around me to be inspired by, learn from, to teach and share my experiences and knowledge, and to just have a ton of fun with. I can’t wait to see where all this is going with Wax and Wane- life in general haha and actually trying to get some semblance of a plan or structure to keep me on a path that will allow me to have the freedom I love so much but also have the security I need now a days. I have hired two really amazing teaching assistants and if all goes according to plan, I maybe hiring a couple more soon! Keep your peepers peeled for some really great things happening soon at the studio and elsewhere!!

You can follow my 90’s Nostalgia play list on Spotify if that’s your kind of thing! 

Spotify – 90’s Nostalgia

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