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Exciting Announcements and Big Changes Coming!

I can't believe the month of February is almost gone! I find myself sitting here going what did I even do? But that list is actually quite insane when I think about all that has been done, worked on, accomplished, in progress, etc this month! 

The biggest news from this month is that I have announced that the studio needs a bigger physical space. Exciting, yes, scary, yes! I am in this current studio until the end of August and will continue to bring y'all the best classes I can. I am sad to leave but so proud of what I have created over the last year and a half! I am not closing up shop so to speak just expanding and growing and if for some reason I still haven't found my perfect new studio space by the time the lease is up, I have been offered quite a few other locations to work from until I do! So, we will still be movin and shakin things up in the creative world, don't you worry!

I wouldn't even be in this position if it wasn't for the amazing community supporting all that I do, I can't thank everyone enough! I have learned so much, experienced so much, met so many rad new people from all walks of life, and am so stoked to keep moving forward. Well, heres to a rad spring and summer! Keep those peepers peeled for all the fun experiences coming your way! 

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