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Do it Scared, Do it Imperfectly.

Let’s talk about the first session of Creators and Makers Boot Camp. WOW. It was two nights ago, and I am still reeling from how rad these women are! I am in awe of their want to find their why, find something to push them forward and towards the lives they truly want! I am so humbled that they have allowed me into this part of their process.

When I posted this series, it was because adults kept asking when I was going to do an adult version of the kid's entrepreneurial art camp and I was like ok yea let’s finally do it! A week after posting it a light bulb went off in my head and I was like “oh man, these are adults, they can get a lot more concepts from this than kids can!” I also went “oh f*ck, I’m gonna screw this up.”

So, I set out to build a really rad curriculum and am so stoked to see it unfold. When I say I was trying to talk myself out of it an hour before everyone started showing up, I mean I was shitting my pants and telling myself I was going to make such an ass of myself and lost count of the number of times I asked myself, "who am I to be teaching other people about starting a small creative business??"

But then I thought about the first session happening that night and the topics on my curriculum- imposter syndrome, fear and knowing your why. If this wasn’t the universe testing this broad…. So I asked myself- “who am I to be teaching other people about starting a small creative business?”

My answers…..I was able to tell myself all the amazing lessons I had learned over the last few years. I told myself about all the growth and amazing changes I have made in my life and what a privilege it is to be where I am right now, in this moment to be teaching others those experiences and lessons. I told myself that I have dedicated two decades of my life to learning as much as I can about leadership, empowerment, advocacy, knowing your why, and so much more! I told myself about all the hardship I have faced and even when I thought there was no way around it, I figured it out and didn’t let it defeat me. I told myself about my love for watching others find their why, find their voice, see the light bulbs go off over their heads when they realize their worth and go for whatever it is they want! I told myself about all the amazing people who have come into my life because of this wonderful community we have here and that I am so lucky to have such incredibly talented, compassionate, supportive people around me. I told myself that I am the perfect person to be doing this.

So, yes, I am still terrified of screwing this up. But I also know that doing things scared and imperfectly is the best way to grow, to build confidence, and to tell those negative, limiting beliefs to go f*ck themselves when they creep into my head!

Hopefully you stick around to see the progress we make with this series as I am so excited to see what unfolds!!!!

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