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Oh Hello!

Oh hey! I'm Jenn! I'm the owner of Nickel City Wax and Wane. I just wanted to take a minute and put a formal hello out there to y'all following along with my little community arts studio here in Buffalo, NY! 

Wax and Wane has had quite the journey in its first year here in the Queen City but I feel like with all the learning about who we are over this last year, we are finally hitting our stride and seeing that art has our heart! 

I hope y'all follow along and stop on in as we continue to bring this wonderful community some really rad creative experiences for all ages and abilities! 

I'll be trying to post on a regular basis here, so everyone has essential updates, fun art tips and tricks, class/workshop/event dates, at home projects and more! 

That's all for now kiddos, smell ya later! 

*photo credit: daniel collins*

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